The Sandman: Dreamcast Demo Disk: Volume 1

icon This is the work-in-progress version of what was going to be a pressed cover CD given away free with the first issue of the DreamOn Magazine. DCEvolution had been working on this CD from 2004 but due to unforseen circumstances the magazine and CD distribution came to an abrupt end.

The WIP version of the CD contains previously unreleased versions and exclusive demos of some of the best games available from the Dreamcast independent community from the 2004 era. The menu system for the pressed CD was going to be the Sandmenu but during testing Dream Inducer created by DCGrendel was used, the WIP release of the Sandman also features Dream Inducer.

The release Readme file can be found here!


  • Alice Dreams by Patbier & Poche
  • BlockSmash by ZMaster
  • Burger DC by Warmtoe, Krut & DaMadFiddler
  • Cool Herders by Harmeless Lion
  • DCastle by Heinrich Tillack (A128 Software)
  • DC Squares (2 Player Version) by Sam Steele (aka c99koder)
  • Drill by Handmade Videogames
  • Feet of Fury by Cryptic Allusion
  • Giana's Return by CHN, Kojote, op3rator, Arthus, Myth
  • Inhabitants by S+F Software
  • Joggle by Warmtoe & SeGaFrEaK NL
  • Maqiupai by JMD
  • Melchior by Anton Norgren (aka TVspelsfreak)
  • MSK-XT by Eytan Kaziberdov (aka Kamjin)
  • NOIZ2SA by Kenta Cho & Chui
  • Outbrk (aka brkout) by Jim Ursetto (aka Jimitha)
  • T-Two (aka Tetris 2 CD) by Victor Gars (VG Software)


  • DreamOn Magazine (unreleased): MetaFox
  • The Sandman (WIP Version) presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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