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Intrepid Izzy Kickstarter

October 26, 2017

Senile Team, the developers behind the brawler Beats of Rage and the top-down racer Rush Rush Rally Racing, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Intrepid Izzy, their new in-development multi-genre game for PC, Dreamcast, and PlayStation 4.

It is a mix of platformer, adventure, and brawler, with retro and modern graphics. With all of these elements in one game, it will be unlike anything before seen on Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast specific features include:

  • 640x480, 60 fps
  • Widescreen option
  • Fully configurable controls
  •  Supports standard controller and Arcade Stick
  • Supports PAL, NTSC, VGA displays
  • VMU support

Senile Team has released a demo of the game for the Dreamcast. You can download it at that link. It's also been added to our Sourceforge repository.

They have just hit their €35,000 goal, but any additional pledges would definitely be helpful. The minimum Dreamcast pledge is €30, but there is also a Dreamcast Deluxe Edition at €70, and a Dreamcast Collector Edition at €90. The game is shaping up to be fantastic, so head over to the Intrepid Izzy Kickstarter and pick your pledge tier before the Kickstarter drive ends in about 12 hours.

Summertime Blues

August 06, 2017

A news post is long overdue, so here's a quick rundown on what has been happening behind the scenes at DC Evolution...

Site restoration continues, albeit at a slower pace than we had hoped for, not many pages have been created or updated over the last two months, and we find ourselves apologizing once again for these delays. Templates for many pages have been created, and some downloadable content has been checked and archived in preparation for upload and release, but free time for this hobby site always seems to elude us. We have, however, continued in the attempt to preserve Dreamcast homebrew, and around three hundred more items are waiting in the wings. All of these items will be restored as time permits.

The Fenix archive continues to grow, with a dozen or so new to Dreamcast games released, but it'll be some time before we move on and create a section for Bennu, which is planned for later this year. The DCEmu Fenix section is also almost complete, with around half a dozen more releases to archive, or re-adapt if necessary.

Last Resort


From the Ashes

June 05, 2017

The quest to restore the site and preserve the Dreamcast independent software continues. Many years ago DC Evolution had been working on a Fenix collection, the project was eventually shelved but our recent focus of attention has once again been on Fenix, which has now been superseded by Bennu. As Fenix is no longer used, it seemed an appropriate time to preserve the past creations and revisit some items that were to be included in the unreleased collection.

In order to assist with preserving the creations, two more categories have been added to the menu. The first category will eventually include the Fenix ports to Dreamcast, the Fenix SDL Loader, and all the games developed with Fenix specifically for the Dreamcast. A handful of new to Dreamcast releases will also be available within this category.

The second Fenix category will mainly be an archive of the releases from Over a decade ago DCEmu had a Fenix sub-site and dedicated forum, the sub-site and forum have now disappeared. Many of the sub-sites once hosted at DCEmu have also been completely lost, our second Fenix category over here also aims to be first of a series to resurrect and preserve some, if not all of those sub-sites.



Picking up the Pieces

April 14, 2017

Just a handful of pages have been created in the past fortnight, we have, however, continued to trawl through the archives and we've dug up the plainfiles and sourcecodes for a variety of items that were used for some of our projects many moons ago. These files are slowly being checked, archived and uploaded to the SourceForge Repository, we'll also be uploading the missing files from our pages at the same time so things will still be progressing on the site over here.

It looks like it'll be quite some time before we get DC Evolution fully restored, but at the very least we'll be preserving the Dreamcast independent creations along the way, sadly we do not have any new projects completed and we'll probably concentrate on updating some of our older projects first. If we manage to find some free time between site restoration (which is highly unlikely) we'll see if we can put together a compilation of some of the more recent homebrew creations.



April 1 DC Evolution 200

April 01, 2017

We've hit the 200 pages restored/recreated mark, it took some doing but we did it. Apologies once again for not getting all the downloads available for each and every page but real life has to take precedence over our little hobby site over here. Once we have all the downloads in place for the existing pages we should be about 25% of the way to a complete restoration of the site as it was back in 2012.

For those that remember the site back then, you may remember that we had access to, and had started to display every item of artwork that the entire Dreamcast community had produced over the years, we regret to inform you that we will not be hosting any archives of that nature in the foreseeable future. Our stance on this subject may change at some point but at the moment we simply have far too much work to do retrieving the hundreds of items of independent software that have been created for the Dreamcast.

Wind and Water Screen 3


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