Shenmue Save Converter

icon This CD is for anyone who has completed their NTSC version of Shenmue, and wants to carry their saved data over to the PAL version of Shenmue II. The CD also contains a host of extra VMU applications created by Bucanero

As you most probably know Shenmue II was not released in the US in NTSC format, only in Japan as NTSC, and in Europe as PAL. US NTSC users would have to obtain an import of the sequel game and start with no save data, some were fortunate enough to transfer the Shenmue save file to a PC, hex-edit the file, then transfer the file back to their VMU, which enabled starting Shenmue II with their Shenmue 1 saved data.

The CD Image contains the Shenmue Save Converter which was created by bucanero, with the application, you can update your NTSC Shenmue 1 save data to make it compatible with the PAL version of Shenmue II. The application only updates the save data from the NTSC versions of Shenmue (US/Japanese) to the PAL version of Shenmue II, it does not update the save data to work with the Japanese NTSC version of Shenmue II.

How to use

Make sure you have your Shenmue 1 save file on a VMU inserted into your controller before powering up your Dreamcast. Boot the Shenmue Save Converter CD, browse and select your Shenmue save file, Press A on your controller, then select which VMU to save the converted file to. The author recommends that as a precaution you should save the converted file to a different VMU, which means you won't overwrite your original Shenmue save file.

NOTE: You'll notice the logos and screens say VMZip, but dont worry, Bucanero just didn't have time to make new artwork for the application.



  • Apps (PC Tools, sourcecode included)
    • DC Save Converter V1.0
    • DCI4VMI V1.0
    • VMU2GIF V1.0
  • Apps (Dreamcast, sourcecode included)
    • VMUCD 1.0.0
    • VMUCD 1.1.0
    • VMUCD 1.2.0
    • VMUCD 1.3.0
    • VMUTool V0.0.1
    • VMUTool V0.0.2
    • VMUTool V0.5.0
    • VMUTool V0.5.1
    • VMUTool V0.5.3
    • VMUTool V0.5.4
    • VMZip V1.0.0


  • Shenmue Save Converter (and applications): El Bucanero
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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