Mario in Nifty Lifty

icon A remake based on the BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum platform game Nifty Lifty created by Visions Software Factory in 1984, developed with Fenix for GP2X in 2008, and now adapted for Dreamcast.


Nifty Lifty screen 1

The objective of the game is to assist the character Mario with reaching the exit situated at the top floor of the playing field. Starting at ground level, your character must move across each floor and reach an arrow, your character will then automatically move up to the next floor when reaching the arrow. In each level there are a number of elevators continuously moving up and down the playing field, if your character touches an elevator, you lose a life.

Mario in Nifty Lifty was created with Fenix by Snurty, level one of the game was made deliberately easy for his sons to play. The game starts with two elevators to avoid, as you progress through the levels more elevators appear in the playing field, the game has a total of six levels with the last one being particularly tricky to complete.

Nifty Lifty screen 2

This release comprises of the GP2X version of Mario in Nifty Lifty along with DCEvolution's version of Chui's Fenix SDL Loader (FSL) from November 2004, edited to exclude the Fenix splash screen and jingle, so the game loads directly.

The Dreamcast Fenix port does not have support for music in the OGG format, the soundtrack for Mario in Nifty Lifty (three tunes with a combined total running time of under four minutes) has been excluded from this Dreamcast version. The menu text has been edited to display that the game is the Dreamcast version and the controls for Dreamcast are displayed. Due to the alterations made to the game for a Dreamcast release, a download for the original GP2X version has been made available (the GP2X Fenix runtime is also included in the download).


  • Start - Start Game
  • D-Pad L/R - Move Mario
Nifty Lifty screen 3


  • Mario in Nifty Lifty: Snurty
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui
  • Mario in Nifty Lifty adapted for Dreamcast and presented by DCEvolution

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