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Libronin Releases

  • Libronin 0.1 (2002-02-03)
  • Libronin 0.2 (2002-02-27)
  • Libronin 0.3 (2002-04-21)
  • Libronin 0.4 (2003-05-04)
  • Libronin 0.5 (2008-01-01)
  • Libronin 0.6 (2016-09-26)

Libronin is an independent development library, it was used in the development of DreamSNES (a Super Nintendo emulator for the Dreamcast) which was also created by Marcus Comstedt, Peter Bortas and Per Hedbor, Libronin is also used for the Dreamcast port of ScummVM. Marcus Comstedt continues to use Libronin for the ScummVM port but not many other independent projects have been created with the development library. The more recent releases have been created by histat, Libronin was used for the Dreamcast ports of Neko Project II, X Millennium and the freeware game Cave Story.


DreamSNES: Super Mario World



ScummVM: Day of the Tentacle


Neko Project II

Neko Project II: Farland Story 5


Cave Story

Cave Story


  • Libronin: Marcus Comstedt, Peter Bortas and Per Hedbor
  • Libronin: Bitbucket

NOTE: The Files available are the original versions and were not created by DCEvolution.

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Download Libronin (541 KB) 0.1 to 0.5 with Sourcecode
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Download Libronin 0.6 (171 KB)
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Download Libronin 0.6 (282 KB) Sourcecode