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icon In 2002 the Epitech Console Laboratory released a promotional Dreamcast CD containing four games made by the students using the Iris 3D engine, the menu interface system on the CD was also created with Iris.

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It took lots of time but we have finally released the students games made this year at the Epitech Console Development Laboratory...
These games have been made by students in terrible conditions and with no graphics people at all, so be very gentle if they're buggy and / or unfinished.

- Olivier Chatry

Epitech CD Menu


This is a party game containing multiple minigames where players battle against each other within an arena. The original Readme file for Wadagaza can be found here.

Wadagaza Developers

  • David Bellanco
  • Philipe Lamiraux
  • Sébastien Perier
  • Laurent Salomon
  • Steve Sanches
Wadagaza screen

System Rebellion 2042 (Dream'On)

This is a space shooter game where you play the role of a bandit who has to complete several missions. The original Readme file for System Rebellion 2042 can be found here.

System Rebellion 2042 Developers

  • G. Wattel
  • S. Becque
  • M. Dehaus
  • P. Bride
  • N. Awad
System Rebellion 2042 screen

Fantasy Force

This is a beat 'em up game set in a fantasy world where you must battle multiple enemies within multiple levels. The original Readme file for Fantasy Force can be found here.

Fantasy Force Developers

  • Claude Coulon
  • Philippe Coulon
  • Camille Khalaghi
  • Chi-Rho Shek
  • Minhoski Tek Sam
Fantasy Force screen

Chicken Chase

This is a party game set in France during the Middle Ages where four champions battle to catch a giant chicken. The original Readme file for Chicken Chase can be found here.

Chicken Chase Developers

  • Julien Chaise
  • Robert Crespin
  • Gregory Challant
  • Stephane Glazman
  • Laurent Sieckowsky
  • Clement Lafleur
Chicken Chase screen


  • Epitech CD 2002: Epitech Console Laboratory
  • Iris3D: Olivier Chatry
  • CD Image hosted by: The DCEvolution Team

NOTE: The CD Image available is the original version and was not created by DCEvolution.


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