icon A port of the web-based Flash game Yetisports (aka Pingu Throw) created Chris Hilgert in 2003, developed with Fenix for GP32, and first adapted in 2005, now re-adapted to be fully functional on Dreamcast.


Yetti screen 1

The game is simple, but fun. The objective is to use a club to hit a penguin as far as possible, press the A button to make the penguin dive from the top of the iceberg, and when he falls near to the yeti press the A button again to swing the club. If you time it right, the penguin will be launched and skip over the snow to achieve the longest distance. If you time it wrong, you'll either miss, only achieve a short distance, or launch the penguin too high and send him into a nosedive.

Yetti was developed with Fenix for the GP32 by JoanVR in 2005, the game was originally adapted for Dreamcast by Wraggster and released on DCEmu Compilation Volume 1 in February 2005 (that version of the game crashes after one play).

Yetti screen 2

This release comprises of Yetti along with DCEvolution's version of Chui's Fenix SDL Loader (FSL) from November 2004, edited to exclude the Fenix splash screen and jingle, so the game loads directly.

The write Top Score function which caused the game to crash on Dreamcast has been edited out, the controls for the game have also been edited to avoid inadvertently resetting the Dreamcast during play. Due to the alterations for this release, a download for the original GP32 version has been made available.


  • A - Skip Title Screen
  • A - Make Penguin Dive/Swing Club
Yetti screen 3


  • Yetti: JoanVR
  • Yetisports: Chris Hilgert
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui
  • Yetti re-adapted for Dreamcast and presented by DCEvolution

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CD Image Download (781 KB)
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Download (772 KB) Plainfiles
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Download (196 KB) Original GP32 Version