icon Xenocider is a 3D arcade action game for the Sega Dreamcast created by Retro Sumus, the game has been developed for use with the custom built framework engine titled Dreamer and is an on-rails shooter with retro-futuristic aesthetics.


Xenocider is an innovative take on the on-rails shooter genre and the first 3D arcade game for the Dreamcast in over a decade. Inspired by classics like Space Harrier and Sin & Punishment, Xenocider will take players not only back to a time when arcade shooters where at the top of their game, but also to decades of adventure films and comic books which made us dream of a future of space colonization.

- Retro Sumus

Xenocider Screen 1

Kickstarter Campaign

A Kickstarter campaign was launched May 9 2016 with a goal of $92,000 to commercially produce Xenocider for Dreamcast, Windows, Mac, Linux and 3DS, the first Dreamcast playable demo was also released on the Kickstarter launch day. A second Dreamcast playable demo was released May 18 2016 as one of the many updates for the Xenocider Kickstarter campaign, funding for the campaign was officially cancelled June 2 2016, a week before the funding period was due to end.

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Pre-Order Campaign

A new stragedy to fund the commercial production of Xenocider was launched September 13 2016, the game was made available for pre-order via the Retro Sumus site exclusively for Dreamcast, and to coincide with this new campaign a third and expanded Dreamcast playable demo was released. Various Xenocider products are available for pre-order from Retro Sumus: regular editions of the game, exclusive PAL editions including the OST disc, special editions and a limited Steelbook edition.

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Retro Sumus Credits

  • Daniel Lancha (aka Chui): Lead Programmer
  • Abel del Dedo: 3D Designer
  • Marina Rodriguez: Concept and Texture Artist
  • Juanjo Martin: Music and Sound
  • Carlos Oliveros: Communications
  • Oscar Pelaez (aka Fox68k): 3D Programming Specialist
  • Tulio Goncalves: Producer


NOTE: The CD Images available are the original versions and were not created by DCEvolution.

Site Links

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Demo 1 CDI Download (46.6 MB)
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Demo 2 CDI Download (60.3 MB)
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Demo 3 CDI Download (74.5 MB)