icon This is a Dreamcast demo which was released at Breakpoint 2010, the demo entered the Console/Real Wild category and took seventh place.


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Breakpoint is a demo-scene party event held in the city of Bingen, Germany. The party was originally organized by some of the people involved with Mekka & Symposium, after the demise of Mekka & Symposium in 2002, Breakpoint took over in 2003. Breakpoint 2010 was the final demo-scene party by the Breakpoint team, luckily, a Dreamcast demo featured at the event.

Wobble Screen 1

"FWIW, I was trying to show a few effects which haven't been done much -- at least with the free tools -- on the Dreamcast. I.e. (fake) phong highlighting (in one pass!), render-to-texture (for the flame effect), nice environment mapping, and bump mapping. The Voronoi effect is kind of easy on pretty much any 3D hardware, I suppose. I guess I don't really do design :-p."

Demo Credits

  • Code: Julian Brown
  • Music: Smokelife - That's My People (Demoscene Remix)
Wobble Screen 2

You can view the official results from Breakpoint 2010 (featuring Wobble) here.


  • Wobble: CRTC
  • Breakpoint: Site
  • CD Image hosted by: The DCEvolution Team

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