Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

icon Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is an Arcade-Type puzzle game developed by Yuan Works, originally for GP2X and now for the Dreamcast. Wind and Water takes the Five Traditional Chinese Elements and puts them together in a carefully designed game with a delicate balance of strategy and action.

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This CD Image features the demo version of Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, the CD is a preview of an independent production which is not just your typical puzzle game! Add up an extensive Story Mode, hundreds of unlockables, Mini Games, Anime Intro and Cutscenes, and studio recorded Music Score!.

The game's intricate system offers much depth for the hardcore gamer who really wants to push it to the limits; with Time Chains, Super Cancels, the elusive Blue Time Combo, and many other advanced moves! Puzzle Masters can even set the abilities they want to play with. However, this is a game designed for everyone: casual videogame players and veterans alike, not just puzzle experts. The system is also intuitive and easy to learn, and anyone can start using special moves, from Elementals to Time Combos right away!.

Wind and Water Screen 1


  • Menu
    • D-Pad - Navigate
    • Start - Accept / Enter
    • A - Cancel / Return
    • B - Accept / Enter
  • Game
    • D-Pad - Move Cursor
    • Start - Pause / Open Menu
    • A - Rotate Blocks (Counter Clockwise)
    • B - Rotate Blocks (Clockwise)
    • L Trigger - Super Cancel *
    • R Trigger - Drop Panel *
    • * Time Chain Skill Mode
Wind and Water Screen 2


  • Story
    • D-Pad - Explore Map
    • Start - Skip Dialog
    • A - Accept Mission
    • X - Help / Replay Dialog
    • L Trigger - View Normal Mission
    • R Trigger - View Special Mission
Wind and Water Screen 3
  • Puzzle
    • Start - Retry Puzzle
    • X - General Help
    • L Trigger - Change Stage
    • R Trigger - Change Stage
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