icon uDCDivX (unofficial DCDivX) is a multimedia player, the application is a continuation by Mekanaizer of Marc Dukette's DCDivX, it is based on the sourcecode from DCDivX Beta 4 and features upgraded support for videos. DivX (AVI) encoded movies, MP3 audio, and OGG audio files are supported, but theme support was not enabled in the original release.

This CD Image features uDCDivX (Version 0.1) along with the short animation film Cane-Toad - What Happened To Baz?. In November 2001 Andrew Silke and David Clayton took 5 months off from their day jobs to create their own short film, using the 3D software Maya they created Cane-Toad and released the completed animation in 2002. With critical acclaim and numerous awards, Cane-Toad has become a cult classic on the net. The animated short is shown here in it's entirety, also, alongside the original trailer, a host of extra videos are included, one of them features the first storyboard cut featuring the original 'What Happened To Bob? storyline. Sadly, the original web site does not exist any more, but hopefully this CD Image serves a worthy tribute to the Australian sense of humor.

Cane-Toad Screen 1

NOTE: due to some scenes and language, the Cane-Toad video is not suitable for minors.

The uDCDivX update by Mekanaizer contains support for higher resolution video files, better swap CD support, and more stable Fast Forward during movie playback. The application was released in separate PAL and NTSC format, both format versions are featured in the CD Image, and both can be selected and played on your Dreamcast via the Sandmenu by MetaFox.

Cane-Toad Screen 2

Menu Controls

  • D-PAD Left / Right - Browse
  • A or START - Select

uDCDivX Controls

  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • A - Play file / Open directory
  • B - Play next file
  • X - Play previous file
  • Y - Stop
  • Start - Play directory
  • D-Pad Right - Fast Forward

Boot Disc

Along with the sampler CD Image there are two Boot CD Images that do not contain any additional multimedia files, they contain the uDCDivX (Version 0.1) release binary and default theme for the application, the uDCDivX boot disc is available in PAL and NTSC versions.



  • uDCDivX: Mekanaizer
  • DCDivX: Marc Dukette
  • Sandmenu: MetaFox
  • Cane-Toad: Andrew Silke and David Clayton
  • CD Images presented by: The DCEvolution Team

Site Links

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uDCDivX Boot Disc CDI Download (549 KB) PAL Version
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