Twisted Christmas

icon 'Twas the day before Christmas, and all is not well......
it seems this year's Mall Santa, comes straight from Hell.'


The Cheesy Story

An impostor has forced his way into the local Mall and, in short, Evil Santa has enslaved Good Santa and has been keeping him locked up as his prisoner. Evil Santa now rules the Mall from his throne room, and plans to terminate any parents or children who show up to ask for their gifts.
No presents for anyone this Christmas!

Your Job?

Rid the mall of all of Evil Santa's creepy toadies and free Good Santa so that everybody gets their presents this year. Christmas is riding on your shoulders, soldier. Up for the challenge? Seems simple enough doesn't it?

Well, Evil Santa has a few helpers with him.

You're going to run into his favorite little whipping boys, the Rambi. What's a Rambi you might be asking? Rambi is a cross between Bambi and Rambo, and he's one tough hombre.

Evil Santa has also brought his demented snowmen and fiendish little elves who want nothing more than to bite, kick, stomp and tear you apart. But don't blame them, they're just doing their job - keeping you from Evil Santa's throne room, and from saving christmas as we know it of course.

Twisted Xmas Screen 1

This CD Image contains RADQuake with the Quake Mod Twisted Christmas by the Twisted Matrix team. The Mod was converted to a Total Conversion in 2003 by Moi for use on the Dreamcast.

Controls - 50 / 60Hz Menu

  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • Start - Load Twisted Christmas
  • A - Swap CD Option
Twisted Xmas Screen 2

Controls - Main Menu

  • Start - Skip Demo, Enter / Exit Menu
  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • A - Select
  • B - Return

Controls - Default In-Game

  • D-Pad Up - Change Weapon
  • Analog Stick - Aim
  • Y - Forward
  • A - Back
  • X - Left
  • B - Right
  • Left Trigger - Jump
  • Right Trigger - Fire
  • Start - Enter Main Menu
Twisted Xmas Screen 3


  • Twisted Christmas: Twisted Matrix
  • Twisted Christmas Dreamcast TC: Moi
  • RADQuake: Ian Micheal, Speud
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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