icon Timeless by Tran (Tomasz Pytel) is a classic PC demo from 1994. Timeless was the first in a trilogy of software releases (designed specifically as demos) that indefinitely looped PC graphics with music, the demos inevitably became popular screensavers in the 1990s.


Timeless Screen 1

Tomasz Pytel had been a part of the Demoscene as a member of Renaissance for several years before he created the Timeless demo along with the subsequent sequels Ambience and Luminati. Tomasz Pytel became a programmer working for numerous companies including 3D Realms after leaving the Demoscene, eventually Tomasz Pytel became a lead programmer for the PayPal organization.

Timeless Screen 2

The Timeless PC demo was released in 1994, the Dreamcast port of Timeless was compiled by Marq (Fit) on the 8th September 2008.

Demo Credits

  • Code, Music: Tomasz Pytel
Timeless Screen 3


  • Timeless: Tran (Tomasz Pytel)
  • Timeless Dreamcast Port: Marq (Fit)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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