The (Vertex) Cloud

icon This is a Dreamcast demo which was released at Sundown 2014, the demo entered the Wild category and took first place.


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Sundown is a weekend demo-scene party event held in Devon, England, UK since 2005. The (Vertex) Cloud is the second Dreamcast demo by CRTC (the first being Wobble in 2010), the demo entered the Wild category of Sundown 2014 and took first place.

"This is just a little Dreamcast demo (showcasing a nice fast Quickhull implementation I did for some unrelated reason) for Sundown 2014."

The (Vertex) Cloud Screen 1

You can view the official results from Sundown 2014 (featuring The (Vertex) Cloud) here.

Demo Credits

  • Code: Julian Brown
  • Music: Setting Sun by Lamb / Marsmellow
  • Panoramic Photography: Megmeg
The (Vertex) Cloud Screen 2


  • The (Vertex) Cloud: CRTC
  • Sundown: Site
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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