Halloween Novelty (Movie) - The Little Shop Of Horrors

icon The Little Shop Of Horrors is a comedy horror film released in 1960, directed by Roger Corman, starring Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles, and Dick Miller. Movie legend Jack Nicholson also has a supporting role in the production.

The download contains a CD Image featuring the Public Domain movie The Little Shop Of Horrors along with DCDivX Beta 3 by Marc Dukette.

Movie Overview

Florist shop owner Gravis Mushnick fires his clumsy assistant Seymour Krelboyne after he messes up one order too many, to get his job back Seymour tells Mr. Mushnick about a special plant he has bred. Mr. Mushnick doesn't think much of the little withered plant to begin with but decides to give Seymour one week to redeem himself. Struggling to find something to feed the plant to aid its growth, it's only when Seymour accidentally pricks his finger that he finds out the plant thrives on human blood!.

Little Shop of Horrors 1

Movie General Information

Filmed on a budget of $30,000, The Little Shop Of Horrors was shot in two days using sets left behind from a previous movie. Relatives of writer Charles B. Griffith were cast in some roles, Charles B. Griffith also played several uncredited small roles in the film, and a young Jack Nicholson made his third appearance on screen with the production. The exterior scenes were shot over two weekends, real drunks were hired as extras for ten cents apiece, a group of children were hired for five cents apiece, and a local funeral home donated a hearse and coffin with a real corpse inside for one particular shot.

Little Shop of Horrors 2

Movie Credits

  • Directed by Roger Corman
  • Produced by Roger Corman
  • Screenplay by Charles B. Griffith
  • Music by Fred Katz
  • Jonathan Haze - Seymour Krelboin
  • Jackie Joseph - Audrey Fulquard
  • Mel Welles - Gravis Mushnik
  • Dick Miller - Burson Fouch
  • Myrtle Vail - Winifred Krelboin
  • Tammy Windsor - Teenage girl
  • Toby Michaels - Teenage girl
  • Leola Wendorff - Siddie Shiva
  • Lynn Storey - Mrs. Hortense Feuchtwanger
  • Wally Campo - Det. Sgt .Joe Fink
  • Jack Warford - Det. Frank Stoolie
  • Merri Welles - Leonora Clyde
  • John Shaner - Dr. Phoebus Farb
  • Jack Nicholson - Wilbur Force
  • Dodie Drake - Waitress

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Note: The movie is not suitable for minors.


  • The Little Shop Of Horrors: Public Domain
  • DCDivX: Marc Dukette
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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