icon TetrisCD is the first version of a popular Tetris clone created by Viktor Gars, the game moved the homebrew clones into a more colorful environment by using multi-colored shapes set to a pseudo 3D background. The most unique feature that this clone brought to the Dreamcast was the ability to disc swap an Audio CD once the game had loaded, which meant you could simply add your favorite soundtrack to the classic gameplay.

TetrisCD Screen 1

This CD Image features TetrisCD version 1.0 compiled by Viktor Gars on the 19th February 2003, this version of the game was released in separate NTSC and PAL formats to cater for everyone, both formats are available on the CD, and either can be selected from an easy to use menu created by Chui.

TetrisCD Screen 2

TetrisCD is another from-scratch adaptation of Tetris for the Dreamcast, it features one or two player action with the then unique feature of adding your own soundtrack CD while you played the game. The game also has High Score saving (using 1 block on the VMU) and an Auto Load feature which will load a Save Game from the first VMU detected which has a TetrisCD Save File.

Menu Controls

  • D-Pad - Up / Down
  • A / START - Select

Tetris CD Controls

Most of the control options are listed on-screen, here is a selection:

  • Game Menu
    • D-Pad Left / Right / UP / Down
    • A - Select
  • Player Menu
    • D-Pad Left / Right / UP / Down
    • A - Next
    • B - Previous
    • Y - Back
    • START - Start Game
TetrisCD Screen 3

TetrisCD Initial Release

The first version of TetrisCD was compiled earlier on the same day that the 1.0 version was released, it included a short intro video and was in NTSC format only, a CD Image containing both PAL and NTSC versions can also be downloaded here. NOTE: There is no difference in the gameplay between this version and the 1.0 version available above, the CD Image including the intro video is only provided here for historical purposes.


  • Tetris CD: Viktor Gars
  • Menu: Chui
  • CD Images presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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CD Image Download (3.6 MB) TetrisCD with Intro Video