Tetris 2 OverClocked

icon Here is the "OverClocked" version of Victor Gars' excellent Tetris 2 homebrew game, we've included all kinds of extras and used all the possibilities that Tetris 2 offers, if you want Tetris 2, than this is the package you need.

Tetris 2 OC Screen 1


Included is a very clear manual on how the game works, what buttons do what, how to make your own themes, plus lots more. You can view the manual directly on your TV, no need to pop the disc into your PC to read it.

Tetrix 1 and 2

Tetris 2 gives you the ability to make your own custom themes, you can completely change the look of the game. We used this function to make a cool Matrix themed Tetris in 2 styles, it shows how you too can modify the game quite easily.

Tetris 2 OC Screen 2

Overclocked remix music

Another extra that comes with this Image is the music from Overclocked Remix. This site continues to support game music in an alternate form, similair to the DC scene, they give up their free time to introduce an old and new audience to what they (and we) believe is a worthy cause; promoting new talent, crediting some long forgotten creators of entertainment and of course hosting the files for our enjoyment. Included are remixes from various games such as Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, and of course the original Tetris (Gameboy).

Tetris 2 OC Screen 3


  • Tetris 2: Viktor Gars
  • Music: OCRemix
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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