Tetris 2

icon Tetris 2 is a continuation of the popular Tetris clone created by Viktor Gars, T-2 includes theme support, which means you can add your own scrolling background wallpaper during gameplay. In addition to the Audio CD support with the previous version, Viktor Gars also added support for MP3 audio during gameplay, which results in enhancing both the audio and visual qualities of the original game.

Tetris2 Screen 1

This CD Image features the original release of Tetris 2 which was compiled by Viktor Gars on the 4th July 2004, this version of the game has support for both NTSC and PAL Dreamcast consoles. The game also features a test function for anyone who is not quite sure if their TV supports either format - with the built-in boot-up sequence, a series of screens and messages will guide you through a simple test for TV mode compatibility. The Sourcecode for the game is also included on the CD for any Dreamcast developers out there.

Tetris2 Screen 2

Tetris 2 is an update of the from-scratch adaptation of Tetris for the Dreamcast by Viktor Gars, once again it features one or two player action with the unique feature of adding your own soundtrack CD (via swap disc) while you play the game. A further addition to the game is available with being able to pre-compile the game files with MP3 audio added to the CD or the use of an MP3 swap disc after booting. High Score saving is also once again supported, but the surprise addition to this version of the game is the theme support via PNG wallpaper files and simple text editing.

Tetris 2 Controls

Most of the control options are listed on-screen, here is a selection:

  • Game Menu
    • D-Pad Left / Right / UP / Down
    • A - Select
  • Player Menu
    • D-Pad Left / Right / UP / Down
    • A - Next
    • B - Previous
    • Y - Back
    • START - Start Game
Tetris2 Screen 3


  • Tetris 2: Viktor Gars
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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