Beneath A Steel Sky

"Excelent work!!, I just burned the image and this game works perfect, it's always great to see how people give support to the now officially "hard to kill" dreamcast console. Everything runs smooth so far, i haven't played that much (i just burned it 10 minutes ago) but its enough to say that its probably the best port i've played so far, great work guys!!!! Long live sega dreamcast!!!"

- Souledge

"This is a great release, i remember playing the demo of this on an amigaCD32. now i can play the full version.
thanks for this. :)"

- Anonymous

"Always was a king's quest fan lsl ect. but this game rox ass. Very good release, hope to see more in the futre, Thx !"

- CoreXcape

"I just have to say thanks for such a great release, This is one of my favorite Adventure games and now I can play it on my DC. Cheers!"

- BobRedThorp

"Great work, to u and the ScummVM team."

- DarkSaviour69

"The game runs beautifully, nice job."

- Mikebo

"Have to say I'm impressed. You guys really know how to push the software that is out there for the Dreamcast to the limits. It's very well done."

- Metafox

Tetris 2 OverClocked

"The work that was put into 'touching' up the original Tetris 2 is awesome as heck. Matrix? Sweet. And The Music? Very Sweet!"


DC Ebook: Alice in Wonderland

"Wow-this is by far one of-if not THE coolest thing I have seen to hit the DreamCast. Who else is simply amazed and impressed by this release? Not only is the layout extremely nice with the pics and all but on top of that the fact that someone had the imagination and took the time to port one of the greatest Literary works ever to one of the greatest video gaming consoles ever is just plain to cool.
Honestly-this is awesome!"

- TheHumanDreamCast

Simon BO-nus Edition

"I actually regged to reply and say thanks for this. :P
I hooked up my 'cast for the first time in a while to try it, and had a huge grin the entire time."

- BurnerO

DCSquares Cubed

"So I DLed the DC Squares Cubed, and its awesome. The Alone_in_the_Dark theme actually makes the gameplay harder! Check it out!"

- Mr. Spank

Beats of Rage Collection: Volume 1

"I am so impressed! You guys have put so much polish on this image that I have to extend my thanks and gratitude! It's simply just great work on your part. This site sure should be busy for some time to come!"

- monsonb

"WOW! What can I say...? It's fantastic. The quality of this release is staggering. Well done to you all.
The content has been well chosen as well."

- Hobbbes

"WI love what you guys did with the Beats of rage mods!! Their awesome!!! Thanks again for all the great images on the site."

- mazins



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