Sylverant PSO Patcher

icon The Sylverant PSO Patcher is a boot disk which enables anyone with an original Dreamcast version of Phantasy Star Online to play the game on private servers without the need for any separate application codes. The patcher also adds support for online play with versions of PSO that did not work on private servers in the past.

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Created by Lawrence Sebald (aka BlueCrab), the Sylverant PSO Patcher also acts as an import boot disk for various Dreamcast games, when using a game other than Phantasy Star Online just ignore the onscreen warning that the game is not recognized and continue as normal.
NOTE: The Sylverant PSO Patcher is created with the independent development kit KallistiOS and following the wishes of the original developer of KOS (Dan Potter), the application will only work with original games on GD-ROM.

Phantasy Star Online - Compatible Games

  • PSO - Japanese
  • PSO - US
  • PSO - European/PAL
  • PSO Ver.2 - Japanese
  • PSO Ver.2 - US
  • PSO Ver.2 - European/PAL

The PSO Patcher v2.0 Readme file can be found here!

PSO Patcher Screen 2

PSO Patcher Older Versions

DCEvolution created three variants of the Sylverant PSO Patcher (v1.1) and all three are still available for download, each download has a CD Image (Discjuggler CDI format) with the same version of the application, all downloads also contain the original plainfiles, sourcecode, and all documentation. Variant one contains a CDI in Data/Data format, variant two contains a CDI in Audio/Data format, and variant three contains a CDI in Audio/Data format that features a bonus CD-DA (Compact Disc Digital Audio) track which can be played on the Dreamcast or any compatible audio CD player. The bonus audio track is Ragol Weather by Andrew Aversa (Zircon) from OCRemix.

PSO Patcher v1.0 CD Image Download (869 KB)
The PSO Patcher v1.0 Readme file can be found here!

PSO Patcher v1.1 Data/Data CD Image Download (1.2 MB)
PSO Patcher v1.1 Audio/Data CD Image Download (1.4 MB)
PSO Patcher v1.1 CD Image Download (35.9 MB) CD-DA Version
The PSO Patcher v1.1 Readme file can be found here!




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CD Image V2.0 Download (492 KB)
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Download V2.0 (83.7 KB) Plainfiles
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Download V2.0 (377 KB) Source