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icon Sqrxz 2 is a game that took fourth place in The Ultimate Meeting 2010 competition, initially a Dreamcast game, it was later ported to many other platforms.


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The Ultimate Meeting (tUM) started in 1999 as a small demo-scene party and was organized annually during the Christmas to New Year holiday period. Continually growing, tUM still resides in Germany, and had its 10th Anniversary at this party event. Sqrxz 2 by the Giana's Return Team entered the game development category of tUM 2010, the entry took fourth place.

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You can view the official results from tUM*10 (featuring Sqrxz 2) here.

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Sqrxz 2 Credits

  • Code: Rodolphe Boixel (Thor)
  • Additional Code: Lars Persson (AnotherGuest)
  • Producer, Beta-Test: Shahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
  • Pixel Graphics: Simon Butler
  • Music: Alexander Wiklund
  • Hand Drawn Graphics: Jane Mumford (Jayne)
  • Dreamcast Port: Xavier Vajello (Indiket)
Sqrxz 2 Screen 3


NOTE 1: The CD Image available in the menu above contains the latest version of Sqrxz 2 (v1.10), we have also included on this page for historical purposes, the CD Image with the version of Sqrxz 2 that featured at The Ultimate Meeting 2010 (v0.80).

NOTE 2: The CD Images available are the original versions and were not created by DCEvolution.

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Sqrxz 2 CD Image Download - tUM 2010 Version (1.2 MB)