Space Dodger

icon A classic-style arcade space shoot'em up inspired by Macross/Robotech, developed with Fenix for Dreamcast and released in 2005.


Space Dodger contains artwork completely made from scratch, four levels of increasing difficulty, four powerups, two weapon powerups, and three different enemies. There are various ways to build up your score: dodging asteroids and lasers, shooting enemies and asteroids, earning extra points with the score powerup, and jumping to the next stage before the extra points bonus gets to zero. Each stage of the game has its own mission, with bonus scores and lives available before the encounter with the final boss.

Space Dodger was created for the Dreamcast and also ported to GP32 by Pablo Anania (aka Paul55), the Dreamcast version was released by Paul55 in March 2005. Version 1.0 of Space Dodger is the Dreamcast version, V1.5 is the GP32 version of the game and was an entry in the GBAX 2005 Coding Competition, the GP32 version was also adapted for Dreamcast by Wraggster and featured on the GBAX 2005 compilation released in June 2005.

Space Dodger screen 1


  • Start - Start/Pause Game
  • D-Pad Left/Right - Move Ship
  • A - Fire Weapon (Hold when Powerup Gained)
  • B - Jump to Next Stage (when available)
  • A+B+X+Y+Start - Reset Dreamcast
Space Dodger screen 2


  • Space Dodger: Paul55
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui

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CD Image Download (2.7 MB) V1.0
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Download (2.6 MB) CD Plainfiles V1.0
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Download (4.7 MB) Plainfiles V1.5
Space Dodger Thumbnail 4
Download (4.1 MB) Original GP32 Version