icon SmashDC is a clone of the popular arcade game SmashTV, the homebrew clone brought classic blast 'em up action to the Dreamcast.


SmashDC Screen 1

SmashDC was compiled by Kris McAulay (aka MrSiggler) on the 5th May 2002 and was entered into the DCEmulation Programming Contest. SmashDC was created to be fully customized by replacing all features which include characters, map sections, sound effects and music, a 'SmashDC Mod' could easily be created with modified data files. The original release version of SmashDC contained a MegaMan theme which demonstrated the "moddable" features of the game.

The main drawback with the game was the long initial loading time while the data files were being read, as a result an alternative version of SmashDC was compiled on the 9th January 2003 by Kyle Roberson (aka BurnerO). This version made use of the romdisk feature of KallistiOS (KOS) which combines all the separate data files of the software and places them within a single binary file. The romdisk version of SmashDC resulted in quicker load times for the game but rendered the initial moddable features unusable.

SmashDC Screen 2

The CD Image available for download features the romdisk version of SmashDC edited to include a completely new soundtrack by the Hard Rock band from Spain: Michelle, all tracks from the complete album Rock and Roll Babilonia can be selected via the SmashDC menu, the music is licensed under a Creative Commons NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License.


SmashDC Controls

  • D-Pad - Move Character
  • A - Shoot Down
  • B - Shoot Right
  • X - Shoot Left
  • Y - Shoot Up
  • START - Pause / Menu
SmashDC Screen 3

Extra Content

  • SmashDC Original Plainfiles
  • SmashDC Original Sourcecode
  • SmashDC Unedited Romdisk Version
  • SmashDC PVR Version (compiled by Indiket)


  • SmashDC: MrSiggler
  • SmashDC Romdisk Version: BurnerO
  • NTSC & PAL Selection Menu: Chui
  • Soundtrack: Michelle
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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