icon Slideshow is a Dreamcast application to view JPG images on your TV.


Slideshow Screen 1

This CD Image contains the Slideshow application along with 50 fairly high quality photographs so you can try out the software straight after burning, the sourcecode for the application is also included.

Slideshow Zoom Screen 1

Slideshow Features

  • View color and b/w JPEG images using your Dreamcast
  • Burn CDs with photos, then send them to your family
  • Burned CDs are usable with a computer or a Dreamcast
  • View large JPEGs (up to 8192 pixels in x and y dimension)
  • Intuitive controls
  • Bilinear interpolation eliminates pixellation
  • Aspect ratio correction built-in to make images appear on television
    exactly as you took them
  • Gamma correction during slideshow to fix murky or washed out
Slideshow Zoom Screen 1
  • Smooth interactive zoom and pan
  • Change directories during slideshow
  • Pictures change using smooth grid fades
  • Optionally show picture number and filename during slideshow
  • Rescan CD to allow multiple CDs of photos
Slideshow Zoom Screen 1

Slideshow Controls

  • Press START to exit the title screen
  • During the slideshow, A advances, and B goes back
  • The left trigger zooms out, and the right trigger zooms in
  • Pressing X resizes the image to completely fit within the screen
  • Pressing Y resizes the image to completely fill the height or width of the screen, and extends over the other dimension
  • Moving the analog pad pans around the image
  • Pressing START opens the menu screen
  • In the menu, the analog or digital pad moves the hilighted selection
  • In the menu, pressing A activates the selection
  • In some cases, pressing B modifies the selection in the opposite direction.

NOTE: To quickly go to a picture, use the menu (changing pictures while in the menu does not fade out and in).

A Duel In The Somme

An alternative CD Image is available featuring the comic A Duel In The Somme, the comic is released under the creative commons license and is included here as an example of how Slideshow can be a comic book viewer.

Slideshow Comic


  • Slideshow: Nathan Whitehead
  • Comic: A Duel In The Somme
  • CD Images presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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