Simon bO-nus Edition

icon Straight from the DC Evolution archive and updated twice: a CD Image of the addictive game Simon by burnerO. Very addictive to play and most fun when played with more people trying to beat each others high scores.

Simon Screen 1

bO-nus Items

We updated the CD Image for the second time in March 2005 to add almost all of burnerO's Dreamcast creations, the contents are now:

  • Simon: a Clone of the 70's electronic memory game
  • VMU Crap Vol.1,2,3 and Reloaded: compilation menu with VMU animations
  • Dancing Banana: a burnerO collection isn't complete without it!
  • Guess my NummerO: demo/game by burnerO
  • Mein Leben: scrolling slideshow with pictures of burnerO through the years
  • N64EMU: April Fools joke (!!!), not a real N64 emulator.


Also included on the CD Image are the PC applications for the Dreamcast by burnerO, these are meant for the more advanced Dreamcast user, you can find them on the disc in the 'APPS' folder. Included software:

  • Dir2boot: very easy program to boot Dreamcast software that is placed in a folder
  • Selfboot: application to selfboot Dreamcast software
  • Selfboot Buddy 2: advanced version of selfboot
  • Selfboot no logo: Selfboot but without the Consolevision boot up logo
  • Selfboot Inducer V4: most advanced version of Selfboot specialised on booting SBI's
  • Right click scramble/unscramble: for making Dreamcast binaries selbooting.
Simon Screen 2

More bO-nus

Within a hidden menu there are the following:

  • Controller Tester by BlackAura.
  • Peripheral Tester by Dan Potter.
  • Keyboard Tester by Reaper.
  • NTSC (Never The Same Color) by trOll.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe by Dirty Sanchez.
  • Zarya by Jim Ursetto.
Simon Screen 3


You need to have a VMU in controller 1 to play Simon, you will not be able to start the game without one!. The animations in the VMU Crap Compilations will also require a VMU.


  • Everything he gave to the DC community: burnerO
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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