icon With this CD Image you can listen to over 27,000 classic Commodore 64 songs! The sound interface chip (SID) was one of the key factors that made the Commodore 64 legendary, it's more than bleep-blop music.

About SIDPlay

Sidplay for the Dreamcast is Christian Nowak's port of the open source library written by Michael Schwendt. The player supports directory and track browsing, subsong skip forward and back and track select. A nice future of the player is the ability to alternate the music from stereo to mono for a true C64 sound by the press of a button.

SIDPlay Screen 1

SIDPlay Controls

 File Browser

  • A: Select File or Directory
  • B: Cancel
  • X: Parent Directory
  • D-Pad UP: Previous Directory Entry
  • D-Pad Down: Next Directory Entry
  • D-Pad Left: Previous Page of Directory List
  • D-Pad Right: Next Page of Directory List


  • D-Pad UP: Restart Current Song
  • D-Pad Left: Previous Subsong
  • D-Pad Right: Next Subsong
  • X: Mono
  • B: Stereo
  • Start: Load Another SID
SIDPlay Screen 2

About the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC)

HVSC is the ultimate SID tune collection featuring thousands of popular and requested SIDs (aka C64 music) from the Commodore 64. The collection includes SIDs from games, demos, intros, etc. HVSC has been in the making for almost 20 years and is the result of many contributors. The collection featured in this image is dated from May 27, 2004.

SIDPlay Screen 3

Recommended songs

You can choose from so many songs, it can take you a decade to listen to them all, we'll try to help you find the best songs from the collection - for now we can recommend the songs from the following artists: Rob Hubbard, Galway, Daglish, Gray (Fred and Matt) and Tel.


  • SIDPlay: Christian Nowak
  • High Voltage SID Collection: HSVC
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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