SCUMM Fan Game Compilation

icon The SCUMM engine is one of the most famous engines used to create adventure games. Fans have created tools to create games in this engine, and have released two games, Open Quest, and Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder. This image lets you experience those games on the Dreamcast.

SCUMM was used by LucasArts for all of their adventure games from Maniac Mansion to The Curse of Monkey Island, and in most of the Humongous Entertainment games until 2003.

However, it's fame mostly comes from the popularity of the adventure game interpreter suite, ScummVM, which began in 2001 as a fan interpreter for the classic LucasArts adventures, and has since been expanded to include many other adventure games.

Open Quest

Since 2008, it has been possible to create fan games that actually use the SCUMM engine, specifically that used by Day of the Tentacle. Two fan games have been released so far, Open Quest using the SCUMM compiler ScummC, and Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder, using the other SCUMM compiler, ScummGen. The Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder source code has been extended to a completely playable game for this collection.

Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder 1

With the SCUMM Fan Game collection, you can now play both of these games on your Dreamcast.

ScummVM Menu Controls

  • D-Pad/Analog Stick Up/Down - Browse List
  • A or Start - Select
Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder 2

ScummVM General Controls

  • D-Pad - Slow Cursor
  • Analog Stick - Quick Cursor
  • A - Action (Mouse Left Button)
  • B - Action (Mouse Right Button)
  • Left Trigger - Launch/Hide Virtual Keyboard
  • D-Pad - Highlight Virtual Key
  • A - Virtual Key Select


  • Interpreter: ScummVM
  • ScummVM Dreamcast Port: Marcus Comstedt
  • Compilers: ScummC and ScummGen
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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