Scenedicate #1

icon Scenedicate was the world's first Dreamcast diskmag, which was released by Dreamcast-Scene in December 2005 (free with a magazine) / January 2006 (internet release). The project had existed since 2003 under its former name Dreamcast Demo Disc. The diskmag contains articles about lifestyle, videogames, Dreamcast, and the general demoscene (with a primary focus on consoles and handhelds) and artwork (analog and digital).

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Content - Issue 1

  • Introduction
  • Restoring Used Games
  • Need for console only parties (includes statements from Psychad / organizer of the Deadline Console party in Stockholm)
  • ScummVM
  • ScummVM interview with _sev and joostp (coders)
  • Inherit the Earth interview (including demoversion)
  • ScummVM 0.8.0 (latest version for Dreamcast)
  • GamePark32
  • GamePark 32, the developer's handheld! (article by Optimus)
  • GP32 demoscene, where is it? (article by Optimus)
  • DCPlaya (version 2.0 beta)
  • The story behind SHizZLE (statements from Lupin of Team Pokéme)
  • Capitalism influence in free culture (article by ps)
  • Scene demos (demos which can be run right off)
  • Hex Pistols
  • Jenny Thinks
  • One Day Miracle
  • 8- and 16-Bit videogame charts
  • Credits
Scenedicate Screen 2

Menu Controls

  • D-Pad Up / Down - Browse
  • A - Select
  • B - Return to Menu
  • Start - Dreamcast Menu (Reboot Required)

You will need to reboot your Dreamcast after selecting and playing...

  • ScummVM
    • ScummVM 0.8.0
  • DCPlaya
    • DCPlaya 2.0 Beta
  • Scene Demos
    • Hex Pistols
    • Jenny Thinks
    • Miracle (1 Day Miracle)


  • Scenedicate #1: Dreamcast Scene
  • CD Cover Artwork: 1stvinicius
  • CD Image hosted by: The DCEvolution Team

NOTE: The CD Image available is the original version and was not created by DCEvolution.


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