icon This is an early Dreamcast demo which was released by MoonHazard at the Ultimate Meeting 2004 (tUM*04), the demo entered the Console/Handheld category and took third place. MoonHazard is a demogroup that was formed in 2002 by Tuomas Volotinen and Tero Koivu.

tUM 04 Logo

The Ultimate Meeting (tUM) started in 1999 as a small demo-scene party and was organized annually during the Christmas to New Year holiday period. Continually growing, tUM still resides in Germany, and has recently had its 10th Anniversary.

Sanitized 1

You can view the official results from tUM*04 (featuring Sanitized) here.

Demo Credits

  • Code - shadez (Tuomas Volotinen)
  • Models - serialthrill (Tero Koivu)
  • Music - dalezy
Sanitized 2


  • Sanitized: MoonHazard
  • tUM*04: Site
  • CD Image hosted by: The DCEvolution Team

NOTE: The CD Image available was not created by DCEvolution.


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