Rise of the Triad

icon Rise of the Triad (ROTT) is a first person shooter game that was developed by Apogee Software (now known as 3D Realms), the game was initially meant to be a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, but ended up a game of its own.

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A team of special operatives is sent to an Island to investigate cult activity taking place in an ancient monastery. With no way of returning from the Island, the team must fight their way into the monastery and put a stop to the evil cult which plans to destroy Los Angeles.

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This CD Image contains Bero's port of ROTT to the Dreamcast along with the shareware version of the game "Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins". A special shareware version of the game was distributed only by LaserSoft and titled "Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins Deluxe Edition", this version featured six levels that were unavailable in any other version of ROTT. The additional six levels were later released as freeware, and now feature in the shareware version on this CD.

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The HUNT Begins (Shareware)

  • Levels
    • 1-1 The HUNT Begins
    • 1-2 Foggy Mountain
    • 1-3 The Fourth Door
    • 1-4 Dark Tunnels
    • 1-5 Metal Threat
    • 1-6 Ride 'em Cowboy
    • 1-7 Boom Boom Boom
    • 1-8 Wall to Wall
  • Warp Only Levels
    • 2-1 Too Tall
    • 2-2 Play Room
ROTT Screen 2

The HUNT Begins DELUXE Edition (Shareware)

  • Regular Levels
    • Prelude to a Kill
    • Jumpin Jehoshaphat
  • Comm-Bat Levels
    • The Siege
    • The Box
    • Rise And Tide
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  • ROTTDC 1.0 with Source
  • ROTTDC 1.0-2 with Source
  • ROTT Source Code
  • ROTT Goodies Pack
  • ROTT Patches
  • ROTT Cheatcodes
  • ROTT Manual
  • ROTT Level Editors
  • Extreme ROTT Levels
  • ROTT Reject Level Pack
  • Wolf3D Level
  • 95 Additional Levels
  • and many more...


  • Rise of the Triad: 3D Realms
  • ROTT Dreamcast port: Bero
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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