icon This is an early Dreamcast demo which was released at the Ultimate Meeting 2003 (tUM*03), the demo was the only entry in the Dreamcast category, so inevitably it took 1st Place.


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The Ultimate Meeting (tUM) started in 1999 as a small demo-scene party and was organized annually during the Christmas to New Year holiday period. Continually growing, tUM still resides in Germany, and has recently had it's 10th Anniversary.

Reverie Screen 1

Reverie (a little holiday demo) is a small Amiga style demo for the Dreamcast which was released in December 2003 by Dan Potter of Cryptic Allusion.

Reverie Screen 2

The original Reverie release readme file can be viewed here. You can view the official results from tUM*03 (featuring Reverie) here.

Reverie Screen 3



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