Psycho Bomber

icon Psycho Bomber is a multi-player Bomberman like game created in 2003 by the students of the Epitech Console Laboratory.

The download contains a CD Image featuring the party game Psycho Bomber, the game is for 2 - 4 players only (you will need at least 2 controllers plugged in to play the game), Psycho Bomber was one of the Epitech 2003 student projects.

Psycho Bomber screen 1

Psycho Bomber Developers

  • Unknown at present
Psycho Bomber screen 2

NOTE: After the game has loaded you must go to the Options first: Choose a Game Type, then the Number of Players, and then start the game.

Psycho Bomber Controls

  • D-Pad - Browse
  • A - Select
    • Game Mode
      • Analog Stick - Move Character
      • A - Drop Bomb
      • X / Y - Change Weapon
    • Game Over
      • B - Return to Menu
Psycho Bomber screen 3


  • Psycho Bomber: Epitech Console Laboratory
  • Iris3D: Olivier Chatry
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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