Planet Hively

icon Planet Hively is a MusicDisk demo featuring the music from the Hively Tracker competition held in 2007, the MusicDisk also features an animated interactive interface.


Planet Hively Screen 1

Hively Tracker is a program that can create music in the oldschool Amiga style, the tracker is based on the AHX format (which has a distinctive sound similar to the SID format). The creators of Hively Tracker held a competition in 2007 with a prize of a C64-DTV for the winning submitted music track, the winning entries would also feature in a unique MusicDisk compilation release containing music in the Hively Tracker format. The compilation was released as a MusicDisk on the 10th March 2008 and named Planet Hively, the Dreamcast port of Planet Hively was compiled by Marq (Fit) on the 5th June 2008.

Planet Hively Screen 2

Music Disk Credits

  • Code, Graphics: Xeron/IRIS
  • Concept, Graphics: Spot/Up Rough

Music Disk Soundtrack

  • Sweeties by Syphus
  • Forsaken by Virgill
  • Freeside Run by Syphus
  • Peanuts by Lavaburn
  • Galactic Emeralds by Monk
  • Pantsomime by Joey & Spliff
  • Testing 123 by Breed
  • Incognito Crust by m0d
Planet Hively Screen 3


  • D-Pad / Analog Stick - Move Cursor
  • A - Select


  • Planet Hively: IRIS & Up Rough
  • Planet Hively Dreamcast Port: Marq (Fit)
  • Hively Tracker: (site no longer available)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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