icon Othello is a clone of the classic puzzle board game also known as Reversi, the game can be played by one or two players in true abstract strategy fashion on your Dreamcast.

Othello Screen 1

This CD Image features the only release of Othello compiled on the 17th October 2001 by Kris Wauters (aka Snoozy), the game is suitable for one or two players, it has S3M music during certain screens, the graphics can be modified with the included DBP ToolKit, and the game itself is a fine example of an early Dreamcast homebrew clone of a classic board game.

Othello Screen 2

Othello is an adaptation of the two player board game Reversi, each player has either dark or light pieces on an eight row by eight column board. The goal is for one player to have more of his or her pieces showing at the end of the game, whilst turning over his or her opponents pieces during gameplay. The original board game dates back to 1883, and although the rule set has been altered throughout the years a modern (animated) guide to the game can be found here.


  • Othello Sourcecode
  • DBP (Dreamcast Binary Picture) ToolKit
Othello Screen 3

Othello Controls

  • Start - Load game at prompt
  • D-Pad Up / Down - Choose Option
  • A - Start Game / Load Credits
  • B - Return from Credits
    • Game Mode
      • D-Pad - Move around Board
      • A - Select square
      • X - Quit Game
Othello Screen 4


  • Othello: Snoozy
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

Site Links

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Download (1.2 MB) Plainfiles
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Download (2.2 MB) Source
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Download (1.3 MB) Plainfiles - KOS update by Indiket
Othello Thumbnail 4
Download (2.1 MB) Source - KOS update by Indiket