icon Noiz2sa is an abstract-style Shoot 'em Up game developed by Kenta Cho and ported to the Dreamcast by Chui, the game can be fully customized with user defined barrage patterns and alternative music to accompany the onscreen mayhem.

Noiz2sa Screen 1

The CD Image available above features the Dreamcast port of Noiz2sa, an alternative CD Image is also available with a completely new CDDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio) soundtrack. All the music featured in the CDDA version is either released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license or resides within the Public Domain.

There are 10 Levels to the game, an additional 3 stages - Endless, Endless Hard, and Endless Extreme are available, and finally an Endless Insane stage is also included. Control your ship to avoid the barrage, fire on all enemies (slow your ship down for accuracy), a green star contains the bonus item (the item score is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen).

Noiz2sa Screen 1


  • Menu
    • D-Pad / Analog Stick - Select Level
    • A - Start Game
  • Game
    • Analog Stick / D-Pad - Move Ship
    • A - Fire
    • B - Ship Slowdown
    • Start - Pause / Resume

Noiz2sa can be customized by replacing the music, sfx, and the barrage patterns. The barrage patterns are written by BulletML which is included as an extra on the CD, patterns can be replaced in the following directories: Zako (for small enemies), Middle (for medium enemies), and Boss (for boss enemies).

Noiz2sa Screen 1


  • NOIZ2SA Windows version
  • NOIZ2SA Windows Sourcecode
  • NOIZ2SA Windows alternative OST
  • Dreamcast Alpha and Beta Sourcecodes
  • BulletML Definition Files
  • BulletML Sourcecode
  • BulletML Reference Guide

Note: Both CD Images available contain the same extras. An older version of Noiz2sa is also featured in our Sandman collection (without CDDA and without extras).


  • NOIZ2SA: Kenta Cho
  • NOIZ2SA DC Port: Chui
  • CDDA OST: Manolo Camp, SynthR, Blowfelt, Paradoxaction
  • OST Source: Opsound
  • CD Images presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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