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Intrepid Izzy Kickstarter

October 26, 2017

Senile Team, the developers behind the brawler Beats of Rage and the top-down racer Rush Rush Rally Racing, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Intrepid Izzy, their new in-development multi-genre game for PC, Dreamcast, and PlayStation 4.

It is a mix of platformer, adventure, and brawler, with retro and modern graphics. With all of these elements in one game, it will be unlike anything before seen on Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast specific features include:

  • 640x480, 60 fps
  • Widescreen option
  • Fully configurable controls
  •  Supports standard controller and Arcade Stick
  • Supports PAL, NTSC, VGA displays
  • VMU support

Senile Team has released a demo of the game for the Dreamcast. You can download it at that link. It's also been added to our Sourceforge repository.

They have just hit their €35,000 goal, but any additional pledges would definitely be helpful. The minimum Dreamcast pledge is €30, but there is also a Dreamcast Deluxe Edition at €70, and a Dreamcast Collector Edition at €90. The game is shaping up to be fantastic, so head over to the Intrepid Izzy Kickstarter and pick your pledge tier before the Kickstarter drive ends in about 12 hours.

Summertime Blues

August 06, 2017

A news post is long overdue, so here's a quick rundown on what has been happening behind the scenes at DC Evolution...

Site restoration continues, albeit at a slower pace than we had hoped for, not many pages have been created or updated over the last two months, and we find ourselves apologizing once again for these delays. Templates for many pages have been created, and some downloadable content has been checked and archived in preparation for upload and release, but free time for this hobby site always seems to elude us. We have, however, continued in the attempt to preserve Dreamcast homebrew, and around three hundred more items are waiting in the wings. All of these items will be restored as time permits.

The Fenix archive continues to grow, with a dozen or so new to Dreamcast games released, but it'll be some time before we move on and create a section for Bennu, which is planned for later this year. The DCEmu Fenix section is also almost complete, with around half a dozen more releases to archive, or re-adapt if necessary.

Last Resort


From the Ashes

June 05, 2017

The quest to restore the site and preserve the Dreamcast independent software continues. Many years ago DC Evolution had been working on a Fenix collection, the project was eventually shelved but our recent focus of attention has once again been on Fenix, which has now been superseded by Bennu. As Fenix is no longer used, it seemed an appropriate time to preserve the past creations and revisit some items that were to be included in the unreleased collection.

In order to assist with preserving the creations, two more categories have been added to the menu. The first category will eventually include the Fenix ports to Dreamcast, the Fenix SDL Loader, and all the games developed with Fenix specifically for the Dreamcast. A handful of new to Dreamcast releases will also be available within this category.

The second Fenix category will mainly be an archive of the releases from Over a decade ago DCEmu had a Fenix sub-site and dedicated forum, the sub-site and forum have now disappeared. Many of the sub-sites once hosted at DCEmu have also been completely lost, our second Fenix category over here also aims to be first of a series to resurrect and preserve some, if not all of those sub-sites.



Picking up the Pieces

April 14, 2017

Just a handful of pages have been created in the past fortnight, we have, however, continued to trawl through the archives and we've dug up the plainfiles and sourcecodes for a variety of items that were used for some of our projects many moons ago. These files are slowly being checked, archived and uploaded to the SourceForge Repository, we'll also be uploading the missing files from our pages at the same time so things will still be progressing on the site over here.

It looks like it'll be quite some time before we get DC Evolution fully restored, but at the very least we'll be preserving the Dreamcast independent creations along the way, sadly we do not have any new projects completed and we'll probably concentrate on updating some of our older projects first. If we manage to find some free time between site restoration (which is highly unlikely) we'll see if we can put together a compilation of some of the more recent homebrew creations.



April 1 DC Evolution 200

April 01, 2017

We've hit the 200 pages restored/recreated mark, it took some doing but we did it. Apologies once again for not getting all the downloads available for each and every page but real life has to take precedence over our little hobby site over here. Once we have all the downloads in place for the existing pages we should be about 25% of the way to a complete restoration of the site as it was back in 2012.

For those that remember the site back then, you may remember that we had access to, and had started to display every item of artwork that the entire Dreamcast community had produced over the years, we regret to inform you that we will not be hosting any archives of that nature in the foreseeable future. Our stance on this subject may change at some point but at the moment we simply have far too much work to do retrieving the hundreds of items of independent software that have been created for the Dreamcast.

Wind and Water Screen 3


Still Here

March 24, 2017

Our apologies to any visitors for the lack of updates over here.

Things are progressing slowly but there's not much visibility of that at the moment, site restoration is about 20% complete, many pages have been restored and a small amount of downloads are available but not much else. Behind the scenes our limited free time is being spent trawling through the archives in preparation for site page restoration and updates, it's slow going but we'll get there in the end. In other news a handful of projects have been found and picked up again, an attempt to complete them will be underway shortly, these projects are not the priority at the moment but we'll see if we can release something soon(ish).

Block Smash


Small Progress

March 04, 2017

We've managed to fully restore 146 pages here at the DCEvo SourceForge repository, downloads and links will follow as time permits. There's a long, long way to go yet before DCEvolution 2012 is fully restored, as usual we'll keep you informed of the progress we make over here, and hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can offer some new downloads for you to try out.

We will of course have to catch up with all the Dreamcast independent software that has been developed over the years we 'disappeared', and just looking at a handful of games that we've managed to test, it certainly looks like the Dreamcast homebrew community has been quite busy during DCEvo's 5 year hiatus.

Digimine Screen 3


Progress and setbacks

February 25, 2017

We've got around 10% to 15% of the pages restored over here but as usual the downloads will have to wait for another day. What is quite surprising is just how much content we actually had on the old DCEvolution network sites, backups of pages and content are cropping up left, right and center, it's good news of course because it means we can finally put the foundation into place in preparation for some massive updates and finally release some new content over here.

It's not all good news, backups of a major site in the DCEvolution network are corrupt, we are looking at around 40 Gigabytes of Dreamcast Independent production data that has possibly been lost so the content restoration of DCHelp will have to be delayed for the foreseeable future while we concentrate our efforts on attempting to completely restore DCEvolution first.

Falling Hare


Slowly but surely

February 18, 2017

The project over here at SourceForge was created in 2006 as a repository for DCEvolution due mainly to the extensive bandwidth we were consuming from our host every time we released a CD Image, strangely, and for various reasons, we completely neglected using SourceForge for the best part of Ten years before we recently decided to make the most of the facilities on offer.

DCEvolution itself had three distinct versions during its existence from January 2002 to July 2012, what you are looking at right now is an attempt to restore DCEvolution version three, we have of course got a long way to go yet, the site pages are approximately 3% to 5% completed, downloads are to follow site page restoration so there's not a lot to offer right now, for that we can only humbly apologize.

DCASTLE Resurrection

February 14, 2017

In order to avoid any confusion between the restoration of DCEvolution version III (as it was back in 2012) and the actual whereabouts of, it might be best if we kept you all in the picture. will return in 2017, exactly when? how? or even why? are questions we simply can't answer yet, however, we can tell you that will return in one form or another later this year.

During the restoration of DCEvolution version III at sourceForge it has become apparent just how many projects the team over here were involved in for a number of years when the Dreamcast independent community was at its peak, and it would be an absolute shame to let some if not all of those projects go to waste. We may have to retrace our steps here and re-acquire permission and licensing from some of the professional bodies we contacted all those years ago, but that's all part of the fun. We'll keep you updated with future developments with regards to DCEvolution version IV (

Beats of Rage Remix Screen 3


Site Restoration continues

February 14, 2017

Slowly but surely, that's the only way we can describe things at the moment. Restoration of the site is taking a little longer than initially anticipated but progress is being made every day, at present we have around 50+ of the pages restored but we have a long, long way to go yet before we can begin to offer many of the downloads once again. Just to reiterate once more: visitors will most likely find many pages and links that are broken, we can only apologize for this but we are working diligently to rectify these as we proceed with each site page restoration, once we have a complete restoration of the site we will be able to focus entirely on the downloads. Thanks once again for your support.

Quake DCEvo 1


Site Restoration

February 10, 2017

We are currently focusing on restoring all of the site pages that were available when DCEvolution went offline in 2012, this is quite a momentous task but we are sure most of it can be achieved over the next week or so. Our initial aim is to have the page structure in place followed by the additional elements such as screenshots, updated links and text corrections where required. Unfortunately, due to the amount of pages we had all those years ago, downloads will take a little longer to restore.

Our thanks go to everyone for their support over the years, and special thanks to those that kept mentioning DCEvolution even after we disappeared for a number of those years.

Superman Screen 1


Site Maintenance

February 09, 2017

Visitors will notice that quite a few pages and links are broken right now, frequent visitors will also notice that we are actively fixing these as quick as we can. We'll keep you updated with the progress of the site restoration so check back in a few days and you should see things begin to function normally. Thanks for your support.

Tetris2 Screen 1


Pages Created for Xenocider and Sabre Rider Demos!

February 07, 2017

While looking through the repository, I noticed two more files that didn't have a page associated with them.

They were added to the repository when their respective Kickstarters were running. You can now grab the demos for Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs and Xenocider from their new pages.

Saber Rider



In case you were wondering, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs made their Kickstarter funding goal and is now in development. Xenocider did not make its goal, however that didn't stop development. In fact, you can pre-order the game right now from the Retro Sumus shop!


Even More Images Return!

February 06, 2017

DCDayDreamer managed to find a backup of the unreleased version of Curt Grymala's excellent CAGCMS that powered the DC Evo website before it went down. It is now live on the site, so you should see old and new images added to the site more quickly now, as it's a lot easier for us to update the pages with the CMS in place.

You may have noticed a few images were added to the Sourceforge repository last year, but they were never given pages on the site. Now that the CMS is back in place, these pages have now been added back to the site. So feel free to go download Dream Emulation Project: Gameboy / Gameboy Color, Beats of Rage Remix 2: Rhythm of Destruction (4 in 1), and Defense Commander at their spiffy restored pages.


Simon bO-nus Edition and the public domain 80s horror film Deadtime Stories are also once again available to download!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to Shinebi and Christuserloeser for tracking down these images, and DCDayDreamer for tracking down the backup CDs of CAGCMS. This update wouldn't be possible without you!


Happy New Year! Enjoy a New DC Evolution Release!

January 31, 2017

It's a new year, and our 15th anniversary! We were founded by wraggster way back on January 29, 2002. To celebrate, here's a brand new DC Evolution release!

We present to you, Lure of the Temptress

Lure of the Temptress

Lure of the Temptress was the first game released by Revolution Software. It is set in the Middle Ages, and features a peasant named Diermont and his companion, a peasant named Ratpouch. Diermont and Ratpouch escape from the castle dungeon where they both found themselves imprisoned. Once free, the duo travels the village and learns of a plot concocted by an evil sorcerer temptress.

The game uses Revolution's Virtual Theatre engine, which allows villagers to go about their daily tasks while Diermont is on his quest.

It was first released in 1992, and became freeware by Revolution in 2003. Support for Lure of the Temptress was added to ScummVM in 2007. This allowed it to be played on other hardware, such as the Dreamcast.


Golden Axe Genesis Returns!

January 01, 2016

The quest to restock the original DC Evolution archives continues. Metro City requested that Golden Axe Genesis be reuploaded, and today that request is granted.

Golden Axe Genesis

Golden Axe Genesis is now available to download via its new page.


Bring in the Holiday Season With the SCUMM Fan Game Collection

December 01, 2015

December is here, which means that we're knee deep in the holiday season. What better way to celebrate the holidays than firing up your Dreamcast with a new release from DC Evolution?

The SCUMM engine is one of the most famous engines used to create adventure games. It was used by LucasArts for all of their adventure games from Maniac Mansion to The Curse of Monkey Island, and in most of the Humongous Entertainment games until 2003. However, it's fame mostly comes from the popularity of the adventure game interpreter suite, ScummVM, which began in 2001 as a fan interpreter for the classic LucasArts adventures, and has since been expanded to include many other adventure games.

SCUMM Fan Game

Since 2008, it has been possible to create fan games that actually use the SCUMM engine, specifically that used by Day of the Tentacle. Two fan games have been released so far, Open Quest using the SCUMM compiler ScummC, and Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder, using the other SCUMM compiler, ScummGen. The Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder source code has been extended to a completely playable game for this collection.

With the SCUMM Fan Game collection, you can now play both of these games on your Dreamcast. It's available to download now from its brand new page on DC Evolution.


Alice Dreams Demo Returns In Time For Alice Dreams Tournament Kickstarter

October 25, 2015

Alice Dreams Tournament is on Kickstarter now. This party game, inspired by Bomberman by Hudson Soft was formerly known as Dynamite Dreams, and has been in development for the Dreamcast for nearly ten years.

Alice Dreams

DC Evolution used to host a compilation containing all three versions of the Alice Dreams demo, which is a platforming game using characters from Alice Dreams Tournament. The third version of the Alice Dreams demo included a demo of Alice Dreams Tournament which was then known as Dynamite Dreams. It is still included in The Sandman compilation disc, but in celebration of the Kickstarter campaign, the compilation has returned and is now available at its new page on DC Evolution. To play Dynamite Dreams, the Alice Dreams Tournament demo, use this button combination at the main screen of Alice Dreams Demo 3: X Y X Y X X X

There are still several hours left on the campaign, so head over to the Alice Dreams Tournament kickstarter if you want to pledge your support.


Saber Rider and the Star Sherriffs Kickstarter Demo

October 03, 2015

Saber Rider and the Star Sherriffs is on Kickstarter now. Team Saber Rider is seeking crowdfunding for a 16-bit style run'n'gun shoot-em-up based on and licensed from the original 1986 animated space western series, Saber Rider and the Star Sherriffs.

Saber Rider

They are making the game for Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, TurboGrafx-16 CD, and Dreamcast. They have uploaded a demo for Dreamcast so that you can get an idea of what the art will look like on a real Dreamcast. The image of this demo is now available from its new page on DC Evolution.

The project looks amazing, and it will be made as they have already secured their funding goal. However, every little bit will help to make it as good of a game as it can be, so there is still time to back the Saber Rider and the Star Sherriffs Kickstarter if you want to get in on the action.


Thanks to Shinebi, The Images Keep Coming Back!

September 03, 2015

Shinebi has continued to post more files on the Assembler forums, so yet more of our images have made a return! In appreciation, we are now hosting the Dreamcast Reset Button tutorial that Shinebi created. So, if you are looking for a way to easily reset the games and applications in the DC Evolution images, you need look no further than Shinebi's easy to install mod.


Today, Dream Explorer has returned. In addition, Quake DCEvo, SAPPlay, Marathon Trilogy, DCSquares Cubed, Dream Selection Volume 1, and Dream Selection: Tetris Clone Edition once again have covers and CD labels available in the archives.


Shinebi Strikes Again! More images return!

August 25, 2015

Thanks to the continued efforts of Shinebi from the Assembler Games forum, more images are available once again!

Crisis Evil, the two for one image containing the Beats of Rage mods based on Resident Evil, Crisis Evil and Crisis Evil 2, is once again available.

Crisis Evil

In addition, the Beats of Rage Collection 1 now has covers and CD labels available in the archive.

Thanks once again Shinebi! Your efforts are much appreciated!


More Images Make a Return!

August 12, 2015

Thanks to the efforts of Shinebi from the Assembler Games forum, the E-books section of DC Evolution has made a return, as Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol are available once again!

Alice in Wonderland

In addition, Animated Classics - Superman, Battletoads Beats of Rage Mod, and Beneath a Steel Sky once again include the covers and CD labels for these releases.

Thanks so much to Shinebi for keeping and sharing these images, as today's re-release of these DC Evolution images wouldn't be possible without those preservation efforts!


New Release: Soltys, Plus Quake DCEvo Returns

August 07, 2015

Today brings a double dose of good news. Another one of DC Evolution's original releases has been added to the new DC Evolution site. Quake DC Evo, the release made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Quake by iD Software, is available to download from DC Evolution once again!

More good news is that today also brings a brand new release! Soltys


In 1995, LK Avalon released a humorous adventure game named Soltys. It revolved around the Soltys, or head of the village, of Wachock. He had arranged a marriage for his slothful daughter, but when the marriage began, the groom to be ran away. So, the soltys of Wachock has to find him and bring him back. It has become a cult classic in Poland over the years since it's release on DOS 20 years ago. However, it never gained fame outside of Poland, as it never received a translation into other languages. Until now...

In 2011, LK Avalon made Soltys freeware and gave ScummVM permission to translate it into English and distribute it for free. This CD image includes the full English translated version and ScummVM in one package. It's available to download now.


New Release: Animated Classics - Gulliver's Travels

August 02, 2015

In celebration of DC Evolution's return, today brings a brand new CD image release: Animated Classics - Gulliver's Travels

Gulivers Travels

Fleischer Studios, later called Famous Studios after being acquired by Paramount, released one of the world's first cel-animated full length animated feature films in 1939, second only to Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Gulliver's Travels, which is based on Jonathan Swift's 18th century novel of the same name, is now in the public domain. The entire film has been included along with DCDivX by Mark Dukette on one Dreamcast CD image.


DCEvolution Returns

August 01, 2015

DC Evolution has had a repository at Sourceforge since 2006, however the project was never moved there until now. The file upload functionality of Sourceforge has returned, so now seemed like the perfect time to bring DC Evolution back after a three year hiatus.

Unfortunately, it seems most of the releases have been lost to time, however a handful have been located and are available once again from DC Evolution's Sourceforge repository. If you have or know of the URL of any more DC Evolution releases that are still missing, please don't hesitate to get in contact so they can be added back to the site.



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