MP3 Player

icon This is another audio player for the Dreamcast, the application is limited with support for MP3 files only, but can be used with multisession CDRs.

NIN Ghosts I

The CD Image contains the MP3 Player, sourcecode, and features 'The Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I' from the official Nine Inch Nails site. Ghosts I is licensed under a creative commons attribution non-commercial share alike license, the complete Ghosts I - IV can be purchased here.

MP3 Player

The MP3 Player has the unusual feature of also being a bootloader, which can be used with another Loader program to upload code via the Serial Port to the Dreamcast (mainly for Dreamcast development).

NOTE: the application is PAL only (NTSC or VGA is not supported).


  • A - Play Directory (Sequentially)
  • B - Play Directory (Random)
  • X - Play Nested (Sequentially)
  • Y - Play Nested (Random)
  • D-Pad Up - Browse Up Skip to previous MP3
  • D-Pad Down - Browse Down / Skip to next MP3
  • D-Pad Left - Exit Directory / Stop
  • D-Pad Right - Enter directory / Play
  • Start - Reboot Dreamcast


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