Memory Flashrom

icon Memory Flashrom is an application to clear the current data in your Dreamcast's memory, it will return the memory to factory settings, just as if you plugged your Dreamcast in and booted it up for the first time.

The application can be very useful if you need to put in a new PSO (Phantasy Star Online) serial when you use the current available server, you can find more info about playing PSO at the Sylverant Open-Source PSO Server site.


To use the application, burn the CD Image, pop your CDR into your Dreamcast and boot up. Within a few seconds you'll see the border of the screen turn RED and then GREEN, once the border is GREEN, turn off your Dreamcast and remove your CDR. Take a look at the simulation screenshots below to see how your screen will look while the application is in use.

Memory Flashrom Screen 1


Memory Flashrom Screen 2


Memory Flashrom Screen 3

The next time you boot up your Dreamcast, the memory will have been cleared (you'll also need to input your clock settings as if you were booting the Dreamcast for the very first time).

Look out for a couple of bonus items on the CD - you'll need to pop your CDR into your CD/DVD drive on your PC once you've burnt it (or you could mount the CD Image on a virtual drive).


  • Memory Flashrom: Unknown at present
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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