Max in GhostPix

icon A unique storyline driven Picross-type game featuring ghosts trying to solve puzzles and reveal the hidden pictures, developed with Fenix for GP32 and GP2X from 2005 to 2006, and now adapted for Dreamcast.


GhostPix screen 1

The objective of the game is to complete each puzzle within a time limit, you will need to select which blocks should be removed, and which blocks should remain in place to solve the puzzle and reveal the hidden picture. Clues for every puzzle are shown across the top and down the left side of each playing field, the clues reveal the amount of blocks that need to be selected and removed from each line, and a series of numbers within each clue indicated that there are blocks that need to remain in place between the empty spaces.

The first release of Max in GhostPix (aka GhostPix) was a GP32 entry in the GBAX 2005 competition, Marc Robledo spent the next year or so expanding and completing the game, finally releasing version 1.0 in December 2006 for GP32, and for GP2X with music disabled.

GhostPix screen 2

This release comprises of Max in GhostPix V1.0 for GP2X along with DCEvolution's version of Chui's Fenix SDL Loader (FSL) from November 2004, edited to exclude the Fenix splash screen and jingle, so the game loads directly.

Version 1.0 of the game in standalone form will not load on Dreamcast, it attempts to write a save file when you press start (for GP only), then freezes. Included with this release are four save files, effectively disabling the write save function of the game. There are four medals to win at various points, which unlock new levels with new puzzles to solve. The saves included with this release allow starting at each medal stage, choosing save slot 4 (with four medals on display) will unlock all 95 levels of the game. The only downside to this is you get to see a spoiler preview of the picture when choosing a level, however, you can not see the preview picture when you actually play the chosen level.


  • Start/A - Start Game
  • D-Pad - Browse Save Slots
  • A - Select Save Slot
  • B - Return to Start Screen
GhostPix screen 3

GhostPix contains a unique storyline which unfolds throughout the game, at the introduction section you meet the characters Max and his father, the ghosts then proceed to tell their story and present you with a demonstration of how the game works.

GhostPix screen 4

Storyline Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Let's Start Training!
  • Chapter 2: Training Completed!
  • Chapter 3: What happened to Dad?
  • Chapter 4: Playing like Brothers!
  • Chapter 5: Finally! Max is a grown up!
  • Chapter 6: Daddy is having Trouble!
  • Chapter 7: Are you sure, Daddy?
  • Final Chapter: Double Power! Max and Dad!

Controls (Level Select)

  • D-Pad L/R - Browse Chapters
  • A - Select Chapter
  • D-Pad L/R - Browse Levels
  • A - Select Level
  • B - Return to Previous Selection/Screen/Menu
GhostPix screen 5

Controls (Game)

  • D-Pad - Move Selection Marker
  • A - Select Block
  • B - Mark Block/Remove Mark
  • Start - Pause Menu
GhostPix screen 6

Controls (Pause Menu)

  • D-Pad - Browse Options
  • A - Select Option
  • Start - Return to Game

Levels 1 to 12 of the game are the fairly easy 15x15 block puzzles and you've got thirty minutes to complete each one. Levels 13 to 84 are 30x30 block puzzles, you'll need to work out all four 15x15 sections of the puzzle to complete each one of these levels, once again you've got 30 minutes for each one. Levels 85 to 95 are 60x60 block puzzles and you'll need to work out all sixteen 15x15 sections of the puzzle to complete each one of these levels, but this time you've got 50 minutes for each one. Hints are available for all the puzzles, but a time penalty is given every time you use them.

GhostPix screen 7


  • Max in GhostPix: Marc Robledo Caparrós
  • Fenix Dreamcast Port and FSL: Chui
  • Max in GhostPix adapted for Dreamcast and presented by DCEvolution

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