icon MAMED! is an emulator based on MAME, MAME is a 'Multi Arcade Machine Emulator' which emulates over 3,000 arcade machines. NOTE: There are newer, faster, and more compatible MAME emulators for the Dreamcast available today, please be aware before you burn any of the CD Images that MAMED! is hosted here mainly for historical purposes.

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To use MAMED! on your Dreamcast you will need to download and burn one of the CD Images provided, you will then need to create and burn your own 'ROM disc', all your MAME roms go into a 'roms' directory, you will need to boot the MAMED! CD in your Dreamcast and then Disc Swap with your own ROM disc.

There are two CD Images available, the first is MAMED! 37b 6.5 which uses an older code base but you may find some more games work with this version, the second is MAMED! 37b 15.5 which is the last released version of the emulator. For more information about MAMED!, check out the extracts from the readme here.

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Because of the limitations when running MAME on the Dreamcast, MAMED! was broken down into 17 seperate emulators, and each emulator ran its own set of games. All 17 emulators are included in both the CD Images available, and all the emulators are selectable from the menu on the CD, the menu itself is a modified version of the source code from the DCTonic demo disc.
Each emulator (16 MAME and 1 NEOGEO) can be created as an individual CD with its own set of ROMS included (so there would be no need to Disc Swap), the links below provide you with each individual emulator and a list of games supported.

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Make your own individual emulator CD:
Check the listed games, download the MAMED! file you require (each file contains the frontend menu system and the emulator), put your MAME ROMS in the 'roms' directory of the file set, and use your favorite self-boot application to create your own CD. There is no need for any additional files to be added when using any of the 16 MAME emulators, if you want to use the NEOGEO emulator, you will need the NEOGEO bios rom.


  • MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator): MAME
  • MAMED! for Dreamcast: James Surine
  • CD Images and files hosted by: The DCEvolution Team

NOTE: The CD Images available are the original versions and were not created by DCEvolution.

Site Links

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MAMED! 37b 6.5 Boot Disc CD Image Download (4.1 MB)
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MAMED! 37b 15.5 Boot Disc CD Image Download (5.1 MB)