icon LinuxDC (aka DCLinux) is an attempt to port the Linux kernel, operating system, and applications to the Dreamcast console.


LinuxDC was a project to not only port the Linux/SH kernel to Dreamcast, but also to develop a (RedBoot based) bootloader and custom distribution that enabled a stand-alone GNU/Linux system on the Dreamcast. Another goal of LinuxDC was to document the inner workings of the Dreamcast and to make them available in a central document.

LinuxDC Screen 1

The LinuxDC distribution also includes XMAME (arcade emulator port), and PrBoom (Linux Doom port) with the Doom 1 shareware WAD, both XMAME and PrBoom support the Dreamcast controller, the distribution also includes X Window System which has support for the Dreamcast Mouse.

NOTE: A Keyboard is required to run Linux on the Dreamcast.
Log in with "root", then press Enter to confirm.

You can view the official LinuxDC 010605 Beta distribution readme file here.

LinuxDC Screen 2

Unofficial CD Release 2

The Discjuggler CD Image was created by Adrian O'Grady and dates back to September 2001, it is hosted here mainly for historical purposes. The original beginners guide to Linux on the Dreamcast in HTML format (also made by Adrian O'Grady) can be found here.

Extracts from the release readme.txt:

This zip file contains a Disc Juggler image for the Dreamcast Linux distribution from the GNU/Linux on SEGA Dreamcast team.


I have created this unofficial image because many Windows users are having problems creating the ISO using the script provided with the official release.

- Adrian O'Grady

LinuxDC Screen 3

Unofficial CD Release 1

The Nero CD Image was created by The Gypsy and dates back to June 2001, as above, it is hosted here mainly for historical purposes.

Extracts from the release readme.txt:

This ready-to-burn image was created by The Gypsy...

It is meant for those unable (or unwilling to take the time) to create a bootable disc from the original distribution.

The Gypsy is not otherwise associated with this project.

- The Gypsy

LinuxDC Screen 4


NOTE: The CD Images available are the original versions and were not created by DCEvolution.

Site Links

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CD Image Download (82.6 MB) Discjuggler (CDI) Version by Adrian OGrady
LinuxDC Thumbnail 2
CD Image Download (82.5 MB) Nero (NRG) Version by The Gypsy
LinuxDC Thumbnail 3
Download (56.0 MB) Original 010605 Beta Tarball Distribution