Led Blur

icon Led Blur is a GP32 (GamePark) demo released by Mindlapse in July 2006, it was also ported to many other platforms. A Dreamcast port of Led Blur by Marq (Fit) appeared a couple of years after the initial GP32 release.


Led Blur Screen 1

Originally created for the GP32, Led Blur is a classic oldschool demo featuring a catchy chiptune, fractal, water, and also 3D effects. Thrown into the mix with the water effects is a wallpaper picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt (just to spice things up a bit). Led Blur was released on the 9th July 2006, the Dreamcast port of Led Blur was compiled by Marq (Fit) on the 14th June 2008.

Led Blur Screen 2

Demo Credits

  • Code: Optimus
  • Music: The Hardliner
Led Blur Screen 3


  • Led Blur: Mindlapse
  • Led Blur Dreamcast Port: Marq (Fit)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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