Iris3D Sample

icon In 2002 Olivier Chatry released a sample game to demonstrate the Iris3D engine, the development tools and sourcecode for Iris3D were released shortly after.

Iris3D screen 1

The download contains a CD Image featuring the Iris3D sample game compiled by Olivier Chatry on the 11th August 2002, a host of other Iris3D goodies are also included. The sample game "demonstrates some (very simple) physics and interaction between entities." The goal of the sample is to find and return a ball to the game start point, to reach (and return) the ball you must navigate through the world without falling off any platform.

Iris3D screen 2

Iris3D Sample Game Controls

  • Analog Stick - Move
  • B - Jump
  • L / R Triggers - Move Camera
  • Start - Reset
Iris3D screen 3


  • Iris3D Sample Game Plainfiles
  • Iris3D Engine v0.9
  • Iris3D Engine v0.9 Sourcecode
  • Iris3D Engine v0.9 Sample Sourcecode
  • Iris3D Engine v0.9.1
  • Iris3D Engine v0.9.1 Sourcecode
  • Iris3D Engine v0.9.1 Tutorial
  • ImdExporter
  • ImdExporter Sourcecode
  • ImdViewer
  • ImdViewer Sourcecode
  • Iris3D Runtime DLL
  • Developers Image Library



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