Irides: Master of Blocks

icon Irides: Master of Blocks is a puzzle action game that is "easy to pick up and play but hard to master". Combining falling block elements from classic games such as Tetris with modern variants like Lumines, Irides puts a new perspective on the puzzle genre.

Block Smash

Block Smash (aka BlockSmash) is a puzzle game created by ZMaster (Florian Zitzelsberger) and based on the Sony PSP game Lumines. The only version of Block Smash released was compiled on the 27th August 2005 and announced shortly after at the ConsoleVision forums. The game features 12 Levels with each level containing different Skins, Music with Sound Effects, and VMU support to save your Highscore and current level.

NOTE: Neither a preview nor demo version of Irides: Master of Blocks was released before the commercial product became available, however, Block Smash was the original concept that eventually became Irides (but it should only be considered as a very early example of the final game).

Block Smash

Blocks2: Master of Blocks

At the 2006 Midwest Gaming Classic, Dan Loosen announced that Blocks2: Master of Blocks was going be a Goat Store Publishing independent commercial release for the Dreamcast. Blocks2 was to be a completely redeveloped game based on Block Smash, which would eventually only partially resemble the Lumines inspired homebrew release.


Florian Zitzelsberger released the first commercial version of Blocks2 for the Apple iPhone in June 2009, two updates to the iPhone version followed, with the second update (version 1.2) Blocks2 was given a new name: Irides.

Mad Peet (an independent game microstudio) was formed by Florian Zitzelsberger in 2009 as a new base for future game production and releases, the Dreamcast version of Irides was to be the first game released under the banner of Mad Peet.

Irides: Master of Blocks

The Dreamcast version of Irides: Master of Blocks was released on the 12th December 2009, a Limited Edition version of the game was also released for the Dreamcast at the same time. Whilst still resembling Lumines with its visual style, Irides features a host of different and additional elements which sets it apart from the game that inspired it.

Irides Screen 1


Irides Screen 2




  • Irides: (site no longer available)
  • Irides Publisher: GOAT
  • Mad Peet: (site no longer available)
  • Block Smash: Florian Zitzelsberger (aka ZMaster)
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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