icon "Inhabitants is a tile clearing frenzy where your goal is to score as many points as you can". Inhabitants was entered in the first Dream On Contest in 2004 and won first place with the prize being the game published as an Independent commercial release by The GOAT store.

Inhabitants Menu Screen

This CD Image features the Beta and Preview Demo releases of Inhabitants by S+F software, both versions of the game can be selected and played on your Dreamcast via the Sandmenu by MetaFox.

Menu Controls

  • D-PAD Left / Right - Browse
  • A or START - Select
Inhabitants Screen 1

Inhabitants Controls

  • Analog Stick - Move Cursor
  • A - Select
  • Right Trigger - Menu

NOTE: You need a VMU in your controller to play the Inhabitants Beta version - you will only get the intro screen along with the intro theme tune without a VMU.

Inhabitants Screen 2


  • Inhabitants (PC - Freeware Version)
  • Inhabitants DX (PC - Gamemaker Demo)
  • Inhabitants DX (PC / Dreamcast Demo)
Inhabitants Screen 3

Inhabitants Credits

  • Concept and Design - Steve Thompson
  • Lead Programmer - Brandon J. Parker
  • Graphics - Andrew Bado
  • Music - Josh Deeb


  • Inhabitants: S+F Software
  • Inhabitants Publisher: GOAT
  • Sandmenu: MetaFox
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team


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