IberDC Volume 1

icon The RetroMadrid 2008 homebrew compilation created by the Spanish Dreamcast scene, it contains a Dream Inducer menu with ports by the IberDC and DCIberia members.

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IberDC Volume 1 Contents

1942 Remake
by Alberto Garcia Serrano
Dreamcast Port by Ron

by Eskema 2006 & LW-Torrecilla

Bug Squish
by Bill Kendrick (New Breed Software)
Dreamcast Port by Ron

Camelot Warriors Remake
by BUHOnero & Coelophysis
Dreamcast Port by Chui (Version 1 of the Fenix Game)

Cutre Bubble
Puzzle Bobble clone by Ron

SDL Zombies
by Philippe Brochard
Dreamcast Port (DCZombie) by Ron

HighMoon - Duel in Space
by Patrick Gerdsmeier
Dreamcast Port (High Moon DC) by Ron

by Michael Speck
Dreamcast Port (Kill Brick DC) by Ron

Linux Lunar Lander
by Thomas Raes
Dreamcast Port by Indiket

Linux Shuttle Lander
by Thomas Raes
Dreamcast Port by Indiket

Missile Command
by Julian Peterson
Dreamcast Port (Missile DC) by Indiket

by Carl Reinke, Yuri Schlesner & Casey McCann
Dreamcast Port (OpenTyrian 0.2) by Indiket

by Radoslaw Gniazdowski
Dreamcast Port (SDL-Fighter 0.5) by Indiket

Tux Football
by Jason Wood & Christoph Brill
Dreamcast Port by Indiket

IberDC Vol1



  • Bug Squish: Site
  • Camelot Warriors Remake: Site
  • HighMoon: Site
  • LBreakout: Site
  • Linux Space Simulators: Site
  • Missile Command: Site
  • OpenTyrian: Site
  • SDL-Fighter: (site no longer available)
  • SDL Zombies: Site
  • Tux Football: Site

NOTE: The CD Image available is the original version and was not created by DCEvolution.


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