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icon Horror Hotel (aka The City Of The Dead) is a horror film released in 1960, directed by John Llewellyn Moxey, starring Hammer movie legend Christopher Lee and also Valentine Dyall.

The download contains a CD Image featuring the Public Domain movie Horror Hotel along with DCDivX Beta 3 by Marc Dukette.

Movie Overview

A young female student takes the advice of her professor and travels to a remote village in Massachusetts to trace the history of witchcraft in the area. Unfortunately the village is occupied by a witch from the 17th century who has been reincarnated.

Horror Hotel 1

Movie General Information

Filmed on a budget of £45,000 this is horror at its very best, often compared to Psycho for the similarities with the plot-line, this film is atmospheric, usually censored for US audiences, and quite simply sets common ground for modern films of the genre.

Horror Hotel 2

Movie Credits

  • Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
  • Produced by Donald Taylor
  • Screenplay by George Baxt
  • Story by Milton Subotsky
  • Music by Douglas Gamley
  • Christopher Lee - Alan Driscoll
  • Dennis Lotis - Richard Barlow
  • Patricia Jessel - Elizabeth Selwyn / Mrs. Newless
  • Tom Naylor - Bill Maitland
  • Betta St. John - Patricia Russell
  • Venetia Stevenson - Nan Barlow
  • Valentine Dyall - Jethrow Keane
  • Ann Beach - Lottie
  • Norman Macowan - Reverend Russell
  • Fred Johnson - The Elder
  • James Dyrenforth - Garage attendant
  • Maxine Holden - Sue
  • William Abney - Policeman

DCDivX Controls

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Note: The movie is not suitable for minors.


  • Horror Hotel: Public Domain
  • DCDivX: Marc Dukette
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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