Homebrew Bootdisk

icon The Dreamcast Homebrew Bootdisk is a small application created by Ian Micheal that utilizes the swap disc method to boot a binary file burnt to a separate CD-R. NOTE: There are more efficient methods available for booting homebrew via swap disc, this application is hosted mainly for historical purposes.

Homebrew Bootdisk

This CD Image contains the only version of the Homebrew Bootdisk compiled on December 16th 2003 by Ian Micheal. To use the application it must be burnt to CD-R, after booting the Dreamcast you will need to swap disc to another CD-R that contains a homebrew binary file named 1st_read.bin (NOTE: The application will only boot unscrambled binary files). After disc swapping wait for approximately 15 seconds and press the START button, the application will then attempt to boot the homebrew software.


  • Homebrew Bootdisk: Ian Micheal


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