icon Holly is a 3D engine SDK (software development kit) for the Dreamcast, it was developed by Heinrich Tillack (aka a128).

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History - from Iris3d to Holly: In 2002 I added Triangle Strips clipping and IMD animation with vertex interpolation to Iris3D V0.7 by Olivier Chatry. Olivier the author of Iris3D included the patches into Iris3D V0.9.1. Which is the last official version of Iris 3D. In 2003 I started to modifiy this C++ code just for fun! Since 2003 I replaced (rewrote) around 99% of the C++ code, so I called the SDK Holly and NOT Iris-3D V2 as I thought before. Too much has changed - compared to Iris3D. I used the modified 3d engine for my own game projects (like DCASTLE). So here it is.

- Heinrich Tillack

Caster D

Holly3D Samples in both binary and sourcecode form were planned for release, a demo was also in development. Only two promotional files for the announced demo were available at the Holly3D site - one JPG file (pictured above) featuring the character model, and one PDF file featuring the levels from the PC version of the demo (pictured below). The character and level designs were created by Kalin Krastev of Clandestine Studios.

In addition to the demo promotional items, a tool for converting TGA files to the KMG file format was also available at the Holly3D site, the TGA2KMG application and sourcecode is available here.

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on the 24th February 2008 Heinrich Tillack announced the release of the sourcecode for DCASTLE at the forums, the package also included the modified version of Iris3D used to create the game. Although not a release of Holly, the 3D library included with the DCASTLE sourcecode was the most updated version of Iris3D to appear.

the difference to iris3d is (if I remember this right)

1) lighting is handled different...very optimized

2) fog is added and is working!
3) bumpmapping is added and working
4) imageloading PVR, added
5) object culling is in two stages
6) billboards added
stage 1 is Sphere culling
stage 2 is box culling

many many bug fixes

- a128


  • Holly3D C++ code, Exporter tools: Heinrich Tillack
  • Holly3D 3D models, textures: Kalin Krastev
  • Iris3D: Olivier Chatry
  • Iris3D modifications: Heinrich Tillack
  • Files hosted by: The DCEvolution Team


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