icon GypPlay is an MPEG1 movie Player for the Dreamcast created by The Gypsy, originally written for playing VideoCD files, the application can play virtually any MPEG1 videos. Development of the movie player started in 2000, and ended with the last release featured here (V2.0) winning first place in Lik Sang's y2kode competition.

Falling Hare

The CD Image contains GypPlay along with some Public Domain cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny was created in 1940 by Tex Avery, by 1942 the cartoon rabbit had become the number one star of the 'Merrie Melodies' series, now he's famous for being one of the main stars of the 'Looney Tunes', and today he is the corporate mascot for Warner Brothers. Several classic cartoon shorts have lapsed into the public domain, a few of these feature the 'Wabbit' himself, the cartoons date back to the 1940's, and can now be enjoyed on your Dreamcast.

GypPlay Screen 1

GypPlay Features

  • File Browser
  • Search and Play
  • Playback Controls
  • Variable Speed
  • Time Display
  • Title Display
  • VMU Title Display
  • Movie Skip
  • Autoplay
GypPlay Screen 2

GypPlay Controls

  • A - Play / Pause
  • B - Title Display (ON / OFF)
  • X - Abort Current Movie
  • Y - Time Display (ON / OFF)
  • D-Pad Left - Rewind
  • D-Pad Right - Fast Forward
  • Analog Stick - Variable Speed Rewind / FF
GypPlay Screen 3

NOTE: GypPlay does not support disc swap, you will need to burn the application files along with your MPEG1 videos on a CDR to use the player with your own movies. To use GypPlay with VCD files, just put the '.DAT' files on the CDR with the application files, there is no need to convert the '.DAT' files to MPG.


  • GypPlay: The Gypsy
  • Featured Bugs Bunny Cartoons: Public Domain
  • Bugs Bunny: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
  • Bugs Bunny Sketches (appearing on Back Cover): © PandaAGoGo
  • CD Image presented by: The DCEvolution Team

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Download (1.3 MB) V1.0 Plainfiles
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Download (1.3 MB) V1.1 Plainfiles
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Download (1.4 MB) V2.0 Plainfiles